Womb Knowledges from the Andes

From the magics of the menstruation and the moon to the powers of Menopause and the walk of wisdom.

Workshop in Brussels, facilitated by María Quiñelén, Mapuche* Medicine Woman from Chile

From Friday 11 till Sunday 13 November, each day from 14h till 19h.

Brussels’ artists and body/spiritual researchers Isabel Burr Raty and An Mertens are very happy to welcome María Quiñelén for a 3 days workshop in Brussels.

María Quiñelen is a Mapuche medicine woman born in Nueva Imperial, Chile. At the age of 7 her grandmother started training her in the arts of herbs by teaching her, amongst others, how to talk to them in her dreams. Since then, for over 40 years she has been working as a social educator, imparting the Mapuche Cosmovision knowledge through her mobile school. Maria is also a midwife, expert in natural and humanized birth and a ceremonial facilitator. Actively involved in social media as a feminist and activist influencer, she has been invited by numerous TV and radio programs in Latin America, and lectured in diverse Indigenous Nations knowledge Congresses.

During this 3 day workshop María shares the traditional knowledge about the powers in the femenine body and their synchronicities with Mother Earth’s cycles and sidereal bodies. This is a knowledge that has been cultivated since immemorial times in the heart of the Latin American indigenous cosmovisions.

The workshop is both a learning and a healing experience within a ceremonial context containing practical and theoretical ingredients. You will learn and experience about: the magics of menstruation and the moon cycles, benefits of de-medicalizing conception and birth, mothering and mattering (children and or projects), the powers of the menopause, the wisdom of ageing and the walk of the grandmother, womb health (illness prevention and treatments).


The workshop is open for women, trans and non-binary persons only, older than 13 years old.

Feel free to invite your kin mothers, daughters, sisters, cousins, grandmothers, friends.

We will provide tea, mate, coffee, fruits, biscuits.

In Spanish with English translation by Azahara Ubera and Valeria Garré.

Location: GC Wabo, Avenue Delleur laan 39-43, 1170 Watermael-Boitsfort / Watermaal-Bosvoorde (access by train, tram, bike, free carparking at the station of Boitsfort/Bosvoorde).

Contribution: 150€*

Places are limited

Please register via anais@anaisberck.be before 30 October 22

*The Mapuche people are the largest originary nation in Chile. They self-identify as the people of the Earth.

*Your contribution to the workshop will help support María’s stay in Belgium. María’s visit to Belgium is framed within a greater context organized by apass advanced performance studies, supported by ERG, radicalhouse, GC Wabo.