Walk along the Trees of Madrid

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Workshop participants playing Markov chain algorithm in Retiro Park, Madrid

In this book, the Markov chain algorithm simultaneously generates a poem and a walk along the trees of the neighbourhood Las Letras in the centre of Madrid. Despite the impression that there are few trees in the neighbourhood, the algorithm counts 460 of them.

The book was created in June 2021 during a residency at Medialab Prado in Madrid granted by the Vlaamse Overheid as part of their ‘Digital Culture Residencies’ program.

Read the book online: http://paseo-por-arboles.algoliterarypublishing.net/en

A creation by:

– the Markov chains algorithm, of which a description is given in this book
– the trees of Madrid, which are geolocated between Medialab Prado, Plaza del Sol and Atocha Renfe, and present in the database Un Alcorque, un Árbol
– the human beings Emilia Pardo Bazán, Benito Pérez Gáldos, Jaime Munárriz, Luis Morell, An Mertens, Eva Marina Gracia, Gijs de Heij, Ana Isabel Garrido Mártinez, Alfredo Calosci, Daniel Arribas Hedo.