New & Full Moon Walks

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Walking when all colours have disappeared from the forest is a special experience. You tune in to other senses. You discover silence, but you also notice movements and sounds that are absent during the day. Moreover, when you walk during the most intense and important moments of the lunar cycle, you can transform your intentions. That is what these walks invite you to do.

After a short introduction and sending out our intentions, we walk in silence for about an hour. We end by sharing our experiences. Each walk lasts maximum 2 hours.


  • Saturday 10 July at 20h30: New Moon
  • Saturday 24 July at 20h: Full Moon
  • Sunday 8 Aug at 20h: New Moon
  • Sunday 22 Aug at 20h: Full Moon
  • Tuesday 7 Sept at 19h30: New Moon
  • Tuesday 21 Sept at 19h30: Full Moon

PLACE: Parking Enfants Noyèés/Verdronken Kinderen, Drève du Comte/Gravendreef in Watermael-Boitsfort/Watermaal-Bosvoorde (

The first walk is free, after that you pay 10€.
Those who book 3 walks at once pay 25€.
Places are limited to 15 people per walk.
You can book by sending an email to

It is nice if you bring your tea for the end of the walk.