Arnhemse Bomen Vertellen

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‘Arnhem trees tell’ is an interactive installation from 15 June to 15 September 2024 in Sonsbeek Park, Zijpendaal and Gulden Bodem.
Thanks to the combination of sensors, algorithms, programming, image and storytelling art, visitors at various locations in the parks can learn about the intimate life of trees, listen to their stories and discover how they’re doing. Visitors can meet all the trees on a long walk, or return daily to one or more trees and discover what they have to tell.

‘Arnhem trees tell’ invites residents and tourists to experience the parks in an innovative way, to interact with each other; to go into dialogue with the trees and to become more aware of the natural and historical heritage that the parks offer them.

With thanks to the Municipality of Arnhem, Marcel Wenker, Rob Horst.

In this installation, Anaïs Berck is represented by artists Gijs de Heij, Doriane Timmermans, Bram Goots, Christina Clar, An Mertens.