An algoliterary publishing house

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Anaïs Berck proposed to explore the idea of an algoliterary publishing house in which the authors will be algorithms, presented with their contexts and codes; and in which the content of the books will be defined by trees and nature. By putting trees and their representations at the center of their works, and by welcoming algorithms not at the service of extracting resources or value towards a commercial objective, but for making kin with nature, these intelligences create narratives which speak about trees and also challenge colonial views of classification, methods of standardization, and might speak critically about the effects of dominant cultures.

You can find documentation here:

Anaïs Berck: an Algoliterary Publishing House was a lively research in company of a lot of algorithms, a lot of different trees and the following human beings: An Mertens (she/her), Guillaume Slizewicz (he/him), Gijs de Heij (he/him), Loren Britton (they/them), Ahnjili ZhuParris (she/her), Ipek Burçak (she/her), Gülce Padem (she/her), Livia Diniz (she/her), Isabelle Alvers (she/her), Mara Karagianni (they/them), Brendan Howell (he/him), Doriane Timmermans (she/her).

The research in 2021-2023 was made possible with the support of FrART/Art & Recherche, in collaboration with ESA Saint-Luc Bruxelles, ESA La Cambre Bruxelles, Villa Empain, Plantentuin Meise, Royal Library of Belgium, Bibliothèque Nationale de France.