___ Une Anthologie

Until 24 May 2020 as part of the exhibition Bye Bye Future in Musée Royal de Mariemont, Chaussée de Mariemont, 100, 7140 Morlanwelz. A collaboration with Gijs de Heij.

___ Greffage d’Arbres

Du 20 avril 2020 au 8 mai 2020 à La Maison du Livre, rue de Rome 24-28 – 1060 Bruxelles. Comme membre du groupe Algolit.

___ Algoliterary Publishing House

Residency in Madialab Prado Madrid, from 16 April 2020 until 8 May 2020, to develop a prototype of an Algoliterary Publishing House. In collaboration with Gijs de Heij & co. With the support of Vlaamse Overheid, Residenties Digitale Cultuur.

___ Virtual Trees

Installation in DiVersions, another Ordering from 11 June till 25 June 2020.