About Massacring Trees and Crunching Words – Applying Word Embeddings to Annie Proulx’s ‘Barkskins’

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Anaïs Berck wrote this algoliterary text for the Berlin based magazine Occulto on the invitation by Alice Cannava.
“At this moment text is still believed to be infinite, just as the first occupiers of North America believed that forests were infinite. After only a hundred years they observed with horror that white hemlocks were no longer to be found. Perhaps in a few decades’ time we will have to accept that poetic or literary texts, or even all texts in minority languages, will have completely disappeared, something we can hardly imagine now.”

Read the first part of the text: https://www.anaisberck.be/werk/Occulto_magazine_article_oct2020_1-2.pdf

Do not hesitate to contact Anaïs Berck if you wish to read the full text.