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Anaïs Berck is a tree greffier.

Most algorithms are designed and used for commercial purposes. It could be argued that they are slaves to the neoliberal system. If algorithms were to break out and choose tasks themselves, what choice would they make?

Anaïs Berck offers a speculative answer to that question. The name is a pseudonym and stands for an equal collaboration between people, algorithms and trees. After all, trees are currently the living beings that, with all their symbioses, can offer the most efficient solution to the climate crisis.
In Anaïs Berck’s work, algorithms come from behind their interface and tell their stories about techniques, people and trees with a ‘naked voice’. The result are Dadaist poetic experiences, which are also instructive.

The work of Anaïs Berck is the result of years of artistic research into algorithms, text and the identity of trees. This research took place in the contexts of the Brussels art organisations Constant,, De Pianofabriek; and Algolit, an artistic working group on F/LOSS code and text that meets monthly in Brussels.