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Anaïs Berck invites five makers for a paid residency during two weekends in September and October 2022.

Anaïs Berck stands for a collaboration between humans, algorithms and trees. As a collective, they open a space where human intelligence is explored in company with plant intelligence and artificial intelligence. Anaïs Berck saw the light in October 2019 and develops work in combinations of different people, trees and algorithms.

Thanks to the support of FRArt Anaïs Berck explores this year the idea of ‘An Algoliterary Publishing House‘ in which the authors are algorithms, presented with their contexts and codes; and in which the content of the books seeds with trees and nature. This research in company of more-than-human presences brings Anaïs Berck to highly charged territories in the colonial legacies at the intersection of botany, computationalism and publishing. There, the implications of Western ideology, the centrifugal force of archivism and extractivism are brought into focus.

During the residency participants develop algoliterary publications. These are publishing experiments with algorithms and literary, scientific and activist datasets about trees and nature. We ask ourselves: who and what is excluded, made invisible or exploited in the existent representations, discourses, tools and practices? How can we restore their presences in histories and storytelling? How can we heal and transform ourselves, our tools, our practices, our relationships to the world, our legacies? How can we help to destabilize the centrifugal force in botany, computation and publishing? How can we make books, databases, algorithms visible as objects of doubts and how to go beyond their established forms?

____ Participation

Are you an artist, programmer, engineer, scientist or designer driven by the questions above, and do you have programming experience?
Are you looking forward to exchange ideas and lead hands-on experiments with peers?

Then send an email to before 1 August 2022, attaching:

  • a short presentation of yourself
  • why you want to participate (this can also be a video or audio message)

We highly encourage applicants from underrepresented communities.
You can expect a reply by August 15, 2022.

____ What Anaïs Berck offers you

You will participate in two collective workmoments:

  • from Friday 16 till Sunday 18 September, Brussels
  • from Thursday 13 till Saturday 15 October, Brussels
  • a discussion and presentation of the experiments on Sunday 16 October

During the residency Anaïs Berck will create a temporary working environment where participants from different backgrounds come together to develop publishing experiments. We prefer to use Free, Libre and Open Source software and data available under open licenses. Documentation and experiments are shared under the open content license CC4R.

The first work moment is introduced with examples of publishing experiments, algorithms and datasets which can inspire us for hands-on research. In function of the collective needs, more content-related input will be provided during the second weekend.

Each participant receives a fee of 1500€ (VATi).
Lunch and a small budget for materials is provided for each participant.
We can also contribute to travel and accommodation expenses for people participating from outside Belgium.

This call is made possible thanks to the support of FRArt (Art & Recherche).

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